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God our Universe?

I saw a pulp-science show the other month offering a scientific explanation of life after death experiences with quantum entanglement. My question to you: What do you think of a sentient universe? That is, one with the ability to think, being quantum-ly entangled to every living brain within it. Does that make science into a religion?

With the multitude of stars and the ability for entanglement to work instantly without regard to distance, think about the possibility of billions upon billions of sentient life forms throughout the universe, all contributing to a higher, universal consciousness.

Maybe religion wasn’t far off with an “all knowing” or omnipotent god?

Think about each brain as massively parallel organic computer, and think of quantum entanglement as a network bringing them all together as a supercomputer cluster. Think about the processing capabilities! Think about the intellect of the macro-consciousness! Mind boggling!

Have we mere mortals peered into Heaven?  Have we just glimpsed the mind of God?

MythBusters Kills people!

“Guns don’t kill people… Mythbusters kill people… when people try what the MythBusters do on TV at home!”

Jamie Hyneman, in the last episode of MythBusters said “[Guns] kill people.” He’s so wrong. A gun can not do anything by itself. It’s a tool and is wielded by a person — a thinking, breathing, individual who is solely responsible for their actions and the use of that firearm.

I’m saddened to hear this otherwise thoughtful individual say otherwise.

Google me this Batman…

If you haven’t heard, the next big WAVE in computing has hit.  Google Wave, that is.  I got my invitation this week and jumped in.  I found several of my uber-techie friends had also been invited and were already there, active, in my contacts list.  It’s amazing what they have done.

Check out the link which describes what Google Wave is.  And request an account from Google — you’ll be glad you did.

Twit – Regarding Clouds


Clouds are scary. You can't see through them and you can't stand on them.

Four weeks in Hell…

That's your problem there!

That's your problem there!

I went to the Doctor and he told me I had a cute bronchitis. Personally I found nothing ‘cute’ about my recent affliction with Bronchitis. The Doctor insisted however, it was a cute one. I told him that I personally felt it was particularly ugly. I did get a chuckle out of him. But then he also laughs when I throw my arms up in the air and say, “Doc it really hurts when I do this!” He’s probably just laughing at me, not with me.

I suffered for a week without visiting the doctor. Well, maybe not suffered, toughed it out is more like it. I coughed up something with the consistency of silly-putty and decided it was time to enlist the help of our modern medical establishment. I went to the Doctor for round one of antibiotics, the wimpy ones — a 5 day z-pack (azithyromycin). It was no help at all. When the z-pack ran out I went back to the Doctor for round 2 — a 10 day treatment of Omnicef. Which actually offered some relief. The whole time I was also taking other medications to help the symptoms, ibuprofen for the swelling in my lungs, Tylenol for pain and fever, and Advir inhaler which is a steroid used to open up the bronchi to help clear the crap out of there.

Now, imagine being sick enough to want to lay in bed all day, but well enough to sit at a desk and type. Then imagine a rotten economy, mergers, Internet operations, Internet security, production support, and all the stress that would go along with those. Yes. I worked through my sickness. And, as lousy as I sounded, with my barking cough, I really only got sympathy from a handful of individuals at work. That’s how stressed everyone is.

This is the beginning of week number five (#5) and I’m just starting to feel better. All of my hobbies and recreational activities have fallen by the way side. I’m behind on the myriad of video projects I’ve promised folks. I feel like I’ve just woken from a dream about a tornado and a strange world with flying monkeys.

I’m here. If you missed me, write to me.