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Tequila Sunrise

I’ve come across a few awesome drink recipes on the Internet. The problem is, I can never find the exact recipe again. So I’m going to save them on here as I come across them.

  1. Fill tall glass half way with crushed ice.
  2. pour 3 oz tequila over ice
  3. pour 6 oz orange juice over ice
  4. stir
  5. pour 1 oz grenadine syrup down side of glass (inside the glass, wise-ass)
  6. garnish with orange slice and cherry
Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Original Kiddy Drink, “The Incredible Hulk”

Hulk Smash!

Hulk Smash!

The other day we went out to “Sticky Fingers” for an early dinner, or a late lunch, either way the restaurant was slow and the staff was chatty. On the kid’s menu there was something called a “Blue Breeze” next to the “Shirley Temple”. My eldest daughter wanted to know what it was. The waiter was really nice, and honest, and said, “It was messy. Sprite and a lot of blue food coloring.” My daughter said, “No thanks, I take my Sprite straight.”

After the laughter subsided we got to brain storming about food coloring, sodas, and different drinks we could make. We came up with a “Hulk” made from green food coloring and Mountain Dew. I think kids drinks should be fun. My kids love the frozen soda drinks (Iceees) from the Exxon On the Run down the street. So I thought about adding ice to the mix.

When we got home I started experimenting with the blender. Our first one was OK, but it was missing something. I went looking through the fridge and found the missing ingredient.

What follows is a WiredSage Original Recipe for the Premier Fancy Kid Drink, “The Incredible Hulk”.

The Incredible Hulk

1 12 oz can of Diet Mountain Dew
1 6 oz can of Pineapple juice
2 cups of crushed ice
1 drop blue food coloring
3 drops ‘Gamma-Ray’ green food coloring

Pour 1/2 can of Diet Mountain Dew in blender.
Pour the whole can of Pineapple juice in blender.
Place lid on blender and turn on lowest setting to stir.
Place food coloring in blender while running.
Stop blender when green.
Add crushed ice.
Place lid on blender and set to ice-crush and/or liquify.
Add remaining 1/2 can of Diet Mountain Dew.

This will make about 40 ounces of Frozen Fun. I know the ingredients only add up to 34 ounces, but the carbonation radiation from the soda adds some ‘fluff’ to the equation. Be careful, keep your hand on the lid of the blender, as the radiation can cause an unexpected explosion.

Adult Additions:
We think either Spiced Rum or a Citrus Vodka (not both together) would add a nice flavor and kick to this frozen drink. We haven’t gotten around to vetting these ideas yet. My best guess would be four shots, for a mild drink, to eight shots which would definitely kick start a party.

Other Ideas:
I think one Mentos Mint might be used as a catalyst to neutralize the radiation, however, I’m not sure how that would blend, and what it would do to the flavor.