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Customizing Front Row in Snow Leopard

I picked up a new apple remote when I got my MacBook Pro the other week and I just started watching my media files yesterday evening through Front Row. It was pretty Mac-tastic, except I thought the menu was kind of cluttered. You see, I use iTunes, but I do not ever intend to use the Apple iTunes Store — it’s my personal boycott for the crappy things that have transpired online around independent developer’s iPhone applications being removed from the store for no good reason.

Do you see where this is going? I didn’t want to stare at iStore options. When I selected TV Shows, it told me I didn’t have any TV Shows, and I should go buy some from the iStore. Ha! Not any time soon. So, I wondered if I could get rid of it? A quick google search yielded some disappointing results. Wiki’s that were defunct. Questions unanswered. I was getting discouraged. Until I checked google’s cache. On one defunct wiki link, google still had the content cached. Google FTW! (That’s geek-speak for “Google for the win!”)

Now, the information on the link was incorrect, but it gave me enough insight into how things worked to be able to figure it out for myself. The following mini-howto is the result of my research and hacking.

To remove the “TV Shows” option from the Front Row Application in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

  1. close Front Row
  2. open a terminal window
  3. cd /System/Library/CoreServices/Front
  4. sudo mv TV.frappliance TV.frappliance.old
  5. type in your password
  6. ls


You can remove any of the Front Row options, or buttons, by changing the name of the corresponding file listed above. For example, if you didn’t want podcasts, you would ‘sudo mv Podcasts.frappliance Podcasts.frappliance.old’.

Fire up Front Row and the option is gone. To put it back, you just need to remove the .old from the directory name with a command like, ‘sudo mv Podcasts.frappliance.old Podcasts.frappliance’ and the menu button will reappear.

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