Posts from April 2008.

Baby Birds in my Backyard

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I noticed the leaves on my bushes were getting dried out and brittle. In years past I remember this being an early sign of a white-fly infestation; so, I broke out the chemicals and decided to spray the bushes for white-flies, the foundation for ants, and the trees in the yard for canker worms.

While I was spraying the bushes, I noticed some movement within. I stopped and peeked in past the outside leaves and saw three baby robins in a nest. Boy, did I feel bad about just spraying the bushes! Needless to say I stopped spraying that bush but continued to finish the task I had started.

When I was done, I got my camera and took the above footage. Actually, I set it up on a tripod and let it run for thirty minutes to capture the three feedings.

I always wondered why when you found a birds nest it wasn’t completely covered in baby bird poop. Now I know why and, if you watch the video closely, you’ll know why too.

Fair warning: you don’t want to be eating vanilla ice cream while watching the above footage.

If you want a higher quality recording, the following download is a 46.2 Megabyte DivX avi.