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Ako je album virtuelni, možete ga pomeriti. Pomeranje albuma znači promenu njegovog roditeljskog albuma.


You can also manage these options on the "Properties" management screen (screens Comments, Lock, Public/Private, Representative available from Administration » Albums » Properties).

Sort order

Use the default images sort order.

Indicate whether this sort order will apply to subalbums also.

Select specific sorting criteria to be used with this album.

(*)Warning: Be sure to test these sort orders by yourself as they can give unexpected results.


The album representative is the thumbnail displayed on the main page (category.php) to represent the album when it contains only sub-albums and no direct photo (just as the root album).

photo of a album :

The choice of a representative depends on the allow_random_representative configuration parameter (see include/config_default.inc.php).

In default mode (allow_random_representative set to false), each album containing at least one element is represented by a fixed element. Once set (at album creation), the representative changes only when an administrator ask for it. If the representative is not appropriate, you can ask to Find a new representant by random.

If the allow_random_representative configuration parameter is set to true, a category containing photos may have no fixed representant. Just use Delete representant button.

If the album contains only sub-albums and no photo, it can nonetheless be represented by any element thanks to Modify informations about a photo screen. The only option on the current screen is the Delete representant button.

Link all album photos to a new album

Link all album photos to existing albums

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