Posts from January 2020.

Shameless Plug

Google seems to have made it more difficult to get into it’s indexing scheme. I think they are pushing admins to use their web-tools. Whatever the case, google’s moto is no longer to “Do no evil.” You can imagine how I feel about that… No, darker. Darker. Yup! Close.

Wow! That looks scary, no? What kind of a URL is that?

It’s a free website my best friend and roommate from college made for the guy who came to repair his plumbing in the new house he just purchased. He wanted to give him a special thank you for a superior job, searched for his address to ship a gift, and couldn’t find him at all. Not a great way to run a business. But the guy is so good, that he’s been thriving on word of mouth business in the Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC area.

So, my friend shared his laments regarding indexing with me. I said, “My site is already indexed. I’ll put a link up and BAM! He’ll be in like Flin!” “In like Flin” : is that derogatory? Going to need to look up the history of that phrase and see if it’s something ugly. Yet, I digress…

Taylor Robertson, Plumbing, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC.


[end Shameless Plug]