Unexplained Lights in the Sky

Let me start this by saying, I’m a thoughtful and intelligent person. I’m an amateur astronomer. I sit in my backyard often gazing at the night sky. I know the difference between a planet, a star, a galaxy, a meteor, and a plane. Now that I’ve said my peace, the following will be that much harder to believe.

I was sitting outside with my dogs — they were supposed to be doing their business, but instead they were being cute and cuddly — gazing at the night sky. My eyes fixed to a bright light above. I immediately thought it was Mars, because it was about in the same place as Mars was a few weeks ago. But then I realized, Mars hadn’t risen yet. Venus? No. Then, the planet I was trying to identify started moving across the sky. Yes, I said it. While I was staring at, what I thought was a planet, trying to identify it, the damn thing started moving.

OK, not a planet. Am I looking at a plane? No blinking lights. It’s moving away from me, bearing SSE, and it’s very bright. The bright lights on a plane face forward… they are landing lights. No, this was not a plane.

Then I got excited, and scared. Was it a meteor? No fiery tail. But could it have appeared to be “not moving” because it was actually coming towards me?

As I watched, the light dimmed, getting very small and changing to a red tint. I was now convinced I was witnessing a meteor burn up in the atmosphere from a very unique and frightening perspective. I was pretty excited at that fact. It’s not often you get to see a meteor last that long in the sky, let alone one coming straight for you.

I reflected on my identification process. The effect of the object dimming almost made it look like it had climbed high into the sky. I was thinking how that would be very easy to mistake as something flying away from you instead of coming at you and burning up. Then the unthinkable occurred.

It did not burn out. Let me say that again because even I don’t believe it. It did not burn out. The light went red, and got very small and very faint, but it did not go out. Instead, what I witnessed was incredible and unbelievable. The little red dot seemed to change from red to a whitish blue and move north in the sky.

So, what I think I may have witnessed is a real life UFO. I can’t think of another explanation. The shrinking, dimming and the red color change was the object climbing upwards through the atmosphere. Then I watched as it crossed half of the sky (that’s a 90° arc or more from my perspective) in ten seconds. I noticed it shifted slightly blue when it was approaching and red when it was receding from me. I make no estimates on the altitude or speed of the light. I will however stick to what I observed.

This just happened moments ago. After I lost sight of it, I wanted to tell my wife, but she was putting the kids to bed. Believe me, you do not want to interrupt bed time with exciting stories like this — not if you know what’s good for you. So I grabbed my laptop and wrote it all down.

What did I see? I can only say it was a single point of light, that was very bright, then dimmed, then went across the sky. I wonder if the local airport saw anything on Radar?


  1. I had seen two sighting up until tonight. Both from my home in Belleville Ontario. Both high flying bright light – no strobe or colours – both not satellite.
    Tonight however (in Toronto where I work)has me very worried. I saw hundreds of them all heading north west. At first I thought the clouds were making the stars appear to be moving. I blocked out everything but one of the lights – it was indeed moving. I checked several of them – all moving. Also, not a plane in the sky during this period (I’m close to Pearson) They finally stopped coming after about 10 to 15 minutes — the clouds started to dissapate – then nothing but stars.
    I really do hope I was only seeing an illusion.

    Been looking for info on the web – your blog was the only similar thing I could find that happened tonight. I had to say something – to someone. Thanks for listening.


  2. After careful thought I have come up with one explanation that I really like.

    It may have been a mobile spy satellite. The brightness and movement could be the result of a chemical rocket burn and the reflection of different light sources off highly reflective surfaces. After the initial brightness and southern motion, the appearance and northern movement was consistent with a satellite. When I came to accept that, reconciling the initial inconsistent brightness and movement became a much easier task and seems to me much more probable.

    It is still an exciting observation even with this new and probable terrestrial explanation.

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