Posts from May 2010.

Towel Day, May 25th – Did I miss it? Again!

I just stumbled upon a reference to Towel Day this morning on the web and felt a little saddened that I missed being able to salute Douglas Adams in a positively silly way. Then I checked the calendar. Towel day was two days ago, May 25th, not yesterday. I remembered what I was doing that day, it was very easy, I was driving from NJ to MI — six hours through PA on route 80… not even I could forget that. The greatest thing? I had my towel with me that day!

Not only did I just happen to have a towel with me in the car, but I NEEDED it too. I was wearing shorts in the car. After a few hours driving west in the southern sun, my left leg started to hurt from a sunburn I could feel starting. So, I opened my center console of my car and pulled out a towel! I wrapped it around my leg, in pure, unprompted Hitchhiker fashion, and drove on.

Not only did I have that towel handy, but I had two other towels that were just laying around, handy if they were needed, because it is what all travelers, hitchhikers and road-tripers alike, need.

I feel so much better that even though I may have consciously missed celebrating Towel Day, I happened to have lived it that particular day and, as every Galaxy Hitchhiker knows, I’m going to keep my towel close by at all times.

To Change One Simple Picture

I really like Apple’s new Snow Leopard OS. If you look back through my blog you’ll see my trials and tribulations I went through, lamenting the upgrade. I felt that Leopard was never quite up to par — that it fell short of Tiger in many ways. I really liked Tiger, that was a solid operating system.

But in any good OS, you have to be able to tweak it; customize it in seemingly mindless little ways to make it yours. It starts with naming your machine. There’s a big difference between a machine named “Dilbert” or one named “Loki”. And you want to start from there and expand. Tweaking your background, cursors, file icons, screen animations, you name it… it should be tweakable and fit into your Norse Mythological scheme or your Dilbert Philosophy.

Please don’t misunderstand me where I’m about to go next. I love astronomy. I like Apple’s sense of style and design. But, I never liked the Aurora.jpg that was the default background for Leopard. I wasn’t happy when it became my default background when I upgraded to Snow Leopard from Tiger. And I wasn’t happy when changing my Desktop background as an administrator there wasn’t a checkbox to Change Login Background also.

It annoyed me. I really grew to despise that image. And for months I’ve searched and searched for the solution — how do I eradicate Aurora.jpg from displaying on my mac? Finally I recently became obsessed and refusing defeat I continued searching Google. Coincidentally, Googles new “Bing” tools made the difference and I finally found the solution.

Open up Terminal and enter in the following commands.

cd /System/Library/CoreServices/
mv DefaultDesktop.jpg DefaultDesktop.old.jpg
sudo mv DefaultDesktop.jpg DefaultDesktop.old.jpg
sudo cp /Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Nature/Horizon.jpg ./DefaultDesktop.jpg

I chose to copy the Horizon.jpg image to the DefaultDesktop.jpg image. But you can choose any image you like.

And that is how to change the default background image for the login page on Mac OS X version 10.6 otherwise known as Snow Leopard. And just as a side note and a way to help other “search engine challenged people” like myself, it helps to figure out the file name of the image you’re searching for and not just call it space image, leopard default image, and other generic things like that.

I’m a little disappointed in Apple. I think it was MUCH too complicated for the Mac experience. I think Apple should pay closer attention to making every little thing easy to customize… and easy to restore to its default values in future versions of their Operating Systems.

It will be the little things that matter in the near future too. The devil is in the details. Google is pressing the court and developing Android to complete with the iPhone. It won’t be long until they follow in Apple’s footsteps and take a Linux kernel and make an OS that rivals Mac OS (although Apple used BSD Unix instead of Linux, I can’t see Google making that same choice).