Facebook Ad Removal for Glimmer Blocker Update

I have updated the Facebook Ad Removal Glimmer Blocker Filter. Details follow…

Facebook went through a Facelift the other week, and with the changes they made, a few advertisements slipped through. I have updated my filter to deal with the new changes. You can click on the colored ball (green or blue as pictured below)

screen shot of glimmer blocker filters

Glimmer Blocker Subscription

after the filter name to update your subscription manually, or set it to update automatically (pictured below).

Glimmer Blocker Subscription Update

Glimmer Blocker Subscription Update

The source of the file is published below.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<filter-data name=”Facebook Ad Removal” format-version=”3″ gb-version=”1.4.4″>
<rule rule-id=”296551197″ priority=”5″ host=”facebook.com” host-type=”domain” type=”modify” whitelist=”1″>
.adcolumn { display: none; }
.ssponsor { display: none; }
.sponsors { display: none; }
.pagelet_adbox { display: none; }
.emu_sponsor { display: none; }
.contact_importer_frame { display: none; }
.UIEMUPHFrame_creative { display: none; }
.ego_unit { display: none; }
<js placement=”body-end”><![CDATA[
var a = document.getElementsByClass(‘UIHomeBox_Sponsored’); //UIHomeBox UITitledBox’);
while (a.length) {
if (a[0].parentNode)
var b = document.getElementsByClass(‘UITitledBox_Content’);
while (b.length) {
if (b[0].parentNode)
var c = document.getElementsByClass(’emu_sponsor’);
while (c.length) {
if (c[0].parentNode)
var d = document.getElementsByClass(‘UIEMUHPFrame_creative’);
while (d.length) {
if (d[0].parentNode)
var e = document.getElementsById(‘pagelet_adbox’);
while (e.length) {
if (e[0].parentNode)

See my earlier Glimmer Proxy post for more information.

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