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Super Star Salvadore

Super Star Salvadore

Have you ever been standing in the card store, looking at cards, and thinking to yourself, “I can do better than that.” No? Well I do. I find myself thinking that a lot. So, I decided I would… do better that is.

The above image, and the linked PDF card, is an original card from your friends at The beauty of the enclosed PDF, if you don’t like the words on the inside of the card, don’t print them: print up your own, hand write a note, do what you want.

The card is copyrighted; however, you are hereby granted permission to use it, free of charge, provided you comply with two simple provisions. Provision one: do not modify the copyright notice or image, basically don’t change anything on the first page of the PDF file. Provision two: send an email of thanks to my email address.

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