About Me

  1. BulletI grew up in a large ’Northern’ metropolitan area.

  2. BulletI have lived in the ’South’ for 22 years and counting.

  3. BulletI consider myself a Libertarian

  4. BulletI am a lifetime NRA member.

  5. BulletI support the ACLU.

  6. BulletI work hard to keep a positive mental outlook.

  7. BulletI plan for worst-case scenarios.

  8. BulletI practice vermiculture.

  9. BulletI drive a car that gets 30+ mpg.

  10. BulletI drive about 10,000 miles a year.

  11. BulletI have built and own an electric bicycle for commuting.

  12. BulletI try to work from home one to two days per week.

  13. BulletI currently work for a fortune 100 company. 

  14. BulletMy job deals with implementing network security.

  15. BulletI have too many hobbies and unfinished projects.

  16. BulletI don’t have a twin brother and I am not the real-life Danny Phantom, no matter what the photographic evidence says to the contrary.

My Important Concerns

  1. 1.My Family & Close Friends

  2. 2.Freedom - NRA & ACLU

  3. 3.Economic Prosperity

  4. 4.The Environment

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